Incredible Scuba Diving and Nature Exploring Trip to Belize!


May 2015

Days 1-5 in Placencia at Turtle Inn

Days 6-10 in Chaa Creek

Turtle Inn 5 stars overall experience / 5 stars sustainability / 4 stars cuisine

Francis Ford Coppola and his wife bought old restored wood from Indonesia, along with various old antique mirrors and other beautiful pieces that they used to build the huts at their resort in Placencia. The decor is gorgeous and no new trees were cut down in the making of their huts. The huts also have tons of plants and little birds living around them, so every day you wake up to birds singing and ocean sounds, and an amazing outdoor shower all to yourself. Turtle Inn is right on the beach and you can walk to snorkel right from your hut, or go lie on the floating platforms and relax. They have a dive shop directly across the main street and we took advantage of that to go diving 3 days. We saw turtles, lionfish, eels, rays, dolphins, tons of amazing and brightly colored fishes, and lobsters. They also offer a lionfish hunt where divers can learn to spearfish lionfish, who are an invasive species and are causing destruction to the eco-system. The chefs will cook up the fish for you after. We took time to explore the local village and experience local cuisine, which was excellent. The staff at Turtle Inn were incredible and so helpful. Turtle Inn is magical and It was such a wonderful and relaxing stay, I would love to go back. 

Chaa Creek - Overall experience 4.5 stars, Sustainability 5 stars, Cuisine 4 stars

Chaa Creek prides itself on being not only eco-friendly, but also giving back to the community. They run camps for local kids at no cost to the children to teach them about nature. They have walking tours where you can learn about plants and birds, and they use sustainable and reclaimed materials in their huts. They also promote nature tours offsite and work with local tour guides and protected parks to offer incredible experiences like Aktun Tunichil Muchnal - a cave with old Mayan relics and skulls which has been incredibly preserved and managed. A portion of all activities managed through Chaa go towards preservation of nature. For that reason alone I loved this place. Only thing lacking was any type of nightlife or happenings past 6pm. It gets very quiet and the only noise is the sound of the cicadas.