I kissed a whale and I liked it

Kissing a Gray whale off the coast of baja sur, Mexico

Kissing a Gray whale off the coast of baja sur, Mexico

Interview with eco-travelers and nature enthusiasts Ed & Jen Coleman

Tell us about you as travelers. What are you most passionate about when it comes to travel, and what do you look for when planning a trip? We are firm believers in experiential learning. Somewhere between your comfort zone and the panic zone is the growth zone. We plan our trips so that we are always experiencing something new, amazing and adventurous. We are outdoor/nature junkies, so we choose destinations that offer those types of experiences.
Tell us about one of your best trips. Where did you travel?: One of our best trips was with Kuyima tours in San Ignacio Lagoon to experience the birthing of Grey Whales. These majestic animals travel thousands of miles to this remote lagoon in Baja Mexico. There they mate, give birth and raise their babies in the protected waters until they are strong enough to return to the arctic. Not only did the whales appreciate our presence, the mothers would actually lift their babies up to greet us. Camp was primitive but perfectly balanced with nature. The solar powered showers felt like high luxury and we have never tasted scallops fresher than what they staff caught while we were out with the whales. Perhaps what was most amazing is how much love the company felt for the whales and their lagoon. Eco-tourism provided just enough monetization for the permanent preservation of this unique environment.

When did you travel there? March of 2015

Where did you go? Did you travel with any guide companies or stay with any lodges? I had one of the best days of my life with Kuyima Eco-Tours. The whales that day were particularly friendly. A mother and baby played with our boat for the better part of an hour. They would surface next to the boat and lock eyes with us, measuring the depths of our souls. Then, she lifted up her baby for me to kiss. That evening, the head guide Carlos brought his guitar and sang of his love for the Belina Gris and other traditional and authentic ballads. After he finished playing they turned the generator off and the night grew dark and quiet. We walked back to our hut under a blanket of stars that stretched and shimmered across the endless black sky. We felt welcomed and connected to this remote wilderness and far away from anything we have ever experienced before. 

Anything you would have done differently, or any advice for travelers wishing to take a trip like yours? We chose to drive, but you can also get there much more quickly by flying into La Paz or Loreto and getting transportation from there. The whale season is very short in early spring and the prime weekends fill up early, so plan ahead. If you have the time, check out the Blue Whales who winter in the warm waters of Gulf of California nearby.

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Kuyima Ecotour on San Ignacio Bay in Baja Mexico

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