Nature Immersion

Human beings are fundamentally interconnected with all life. Nature provides a model, invitation, and supportive environment in which to embrace the fullness of ourselves.

Nature Immersion intensives assist in creating deeper connection to oneself, the natural world, family members, community and our larger world. These sessions are more intensive than traditional coaching. It is a great model for people who want to dive deeply quickly, and who value or want to discover the therapeutic benefits of our natural world. 

It involves relaxing the mind to allow for a deep, multi-faceted engagement of the senses. An overly-active, goal-oriented mind often works against this process, confining experience to a narrow scope which blinds one to the larger totality of the moment. It can be argued , however, that by focusing our attention, we actually heighten and super-charge experience, though within a narrow, restricted domain. So perhaps the best solution is to embrace both approaches. Why not gain a mastery of our inner process and cultivate the ability to consciously move from one domain of experience to the other?