Interview: Experience Something Completely Different!

Interview with That Travel Thing who shares the joy of travel, food and the best travel tips from around the world.

Tell us about you as a traveler. What are you most passionate about when it comes to travel, and what do you look for when planning a trip?: It's often so easy to get comfortable with your lot in life, the city you grew up in or the job you do 9-5. Travel, whether it be across your own country, region or the other side of the world, will change you for the better. It's the ultimate escapism and I love nothing more as a traveler than to feel completely alien in a new place, to explore different cultures and ways of living.

When planning a new trip I prefer to stay in local places (such as Airbnb) and get away from the tourist areas. I'm more interested in seeing how normal people live, eat and make a living.

Tell us about one of your best trips. Where did you travel and what were the highlights?: One of the best trips I had the fortune to go on was to the Great Barrier Reef in Australia. Staying in Cairns, the highlight of the trip was venturing out to the reef itself. I was hideously seasick for the one hour journey but it was so worth it. It was the first time I had ever snorkeled and I was blown away by the incredible biodiversity on display. You could get lost for hours snorkeling out there, another world!

When did you travel there?: 2/1/2012

If you could sum up your trip in one sentence (headline) what would you call it?: Experience something completely different

What advice can you give travelers wishing to experience nature and travel sustainably? : Go with a tour company with the Eco Advanced Tourism Certification to minimise environmental impact. You also get the opportunity to learn more about the reef and its wonders whilst experiencing its magic.