Costa Rica

From howler monkeys to sloths, and rainforests to secluded beaches. Costa Rica is a nature lover's dream. 




Known for its vibrant culture, food, and art, Mexico is also home to a wide array of wildlife such as singing humpbacks and sea turtles, as well as the elusive axolotyl. Each region boasts unique offerings and experiences. Mexico has something for every traveler. 


Renowned for its incredible sea life, ancient ruins and caves, and over 600 species of birds, Belize is spectacular for those who love to explore. 


From local dishes to art, architecture, and craftsmanship, experience the rich history of Guatemala. 

 Why is sustainable travel important?

  •  To support tourism businesses actively working to preserve nature and local culture for generations to come.
  •  To improve the well-being of local people and provide jobs and education in hospitality and nature tour guiding
  •  Because the earth is worth more to all species as a green and beautiful planet than destroyed croplands or logging fields.
  •  To be a traveler not a tourist.

How to be a sustainable traveler:

  • Look for lodgings using renewable energy, recycled or collected water, or otherwise eco-verified
  • Seek out experiences involving local cultures and nature
  • Book accomodations with lodges and tours that provide jobs, education, or other sustainable benefits to their local communities
  • Seek out tour guides that work with local communities or government to keep nature preserved
  • Avoid disposable items as much as possible (i.e. bring your own water canteen and toiletries bottles)